Solar Systems

The energy potential supplied by the sun is virtually inexhaustible – at least for the next 4 billion years, as experts claim. The quantity of solar energy that reaches the earth exceeds our daily consumption by 10.000 – 15.000 times.

It’s up to you to choose a field of application for this free energy: whether you use it for heating drinking water, heating rooms, or for supplying electricity. An ample range of products is at your disposal, from a variety of thermal collectors up to solar packages designed for your individual demands which comprise all components of solar energy installation.

The sun has no accountance department

A solar energy plant serves to transform solar radiation into other forms of energy. According to their operating principles, solar energy plants can be divided into two basic types: thermal solar installations supply heat, and photovoltaic systems provide electric energy.

Hot Water for Pools, Baths and Floor Heatings

Thermal solar plants can be used for hot water supply, room heating and pool water heating.

In this process, a collector provided with a special coating and rear insulation is heated by sunrays. A fluid, in rare cases a gas, that absorbs the heat flows through the pipes of the collector. By means of a pump in the circuit the heat transfer medium is either transformed into a heat store (in many cases a domestic hot water tank) or pumped to the consumer.

In Central Europe, depending on regional characteristics, thermal solar plants can usually cover up to 60% of the power demand for heating drinking water. Here, in Tenerife, it’s up to 100%.

Photovoltaic Systems vs. UNELCO

Photovoltaic systems transform sunlight directly into electric power. Their key element is the solar cell that emits electric power when irradiated by light. Electricity generated this way can either be used directly, stored in a solar battery, or fed into the power supply system.

No matter which system you opt for, as professionals we will be happy to provide advice and submit a free quote.




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