Pool water treatment – Why?

An investigation carried out on Gran Canaria by airesol nicos coaching s.l. and BAYROL GERMANY proved that, particularly in private swimming pools, general cleaning and disinfection of pool water usually fall by the wayside.

Bathers introduce considerable amounts of organic and inorganic contaminants as well as germs and aetiologic agents into the pool water. Apart from pollution through frequency (number of bathers per m3 of water volume and hour) type and amount of contaminations are considerably influenced by the following factors:

Degree of contamination

Pre-cleaning, that is having a shower, before using the pool substantially reduces the introduction of contaminants.

 Water temperature

The higher the water temperature the more contaminants are introduced.

Age structure of bathers

In paddling pools used by children and babies as well as in therapy exercise pools used by elderly people there is a largely higher introduction of contaminants, particularly in urine.

Introduction of sand (calima) and other contaminations

Strong winds, and consequently more evaporation of water and disinfectants

Beckeneinbauten bzw. Wasser-Attraktionseinrichtungen
By way of underwater massage installations or attractions, such as jets, Jacuzzis, etc., Additional pool installations, i.e. installation of aquatic attractions are introduced into the water through the bathers’ skin.

A number of investigations have revealed the following average contamination amounts per bather:

Organic an inorganic contaminants between 0.5 and 1g consisting essentially of hair, skin particles, saliva, nasal and pharyngeal mucus, sweat, fecal particles, lotions, soap residues, etc.

About 55ml of urine – including 1 to 1.5g of urea – through intentional or unconscious passing of water due to muscular contraction when changing from a higher exterior temperature to the lower pool water temperature, plus the excretion of urea through the skin.

Between 100 million and 3 billion germs, according to the type of contamination.

In order to provide bathers with hygienically impeccable and esthetically appealing water at any time introduced contaminants must be filtered and eradicated by pool water treatment systems that work on circulation.

Apart from a functioning and efficient water treatment installation, an active and efficient perfusion, i.e. a hydraulic system, is needed to eliminate contaminants as well as to evenly distribute both clean water and disinfectant in the pool.

Water treatment and hydraulic system are equally important and should be taken in account when planning an installation.

Airesol nicos coaching s.l. plan and deliver water treatment installations according to the project. Especially the pool components for the water flow are manufactured and individually adapted to the pool structure.

This will enable you to choose the alignment and design of the tubes required for an optimum water flow with all shapes of pools and different top ends.

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